Switchgear units

We provide all switchgear and automation units under 1,000 V, tailored to meet the needs and specifications of each customer so that they are optimal for their intended use.

We produce the following systems:

  • Cellular switchboards
  • Enclosed switchboards
  • Special switchboards
  • Automation units
  • Baying systems
  • Control desks
  • Switchboards in plastic housing
  • Switchboards in aluminium housing
  • Terminal strip housings
  • Aluminium street distribution systems
  • Double enclosure units
  • Cabinet and enclosure units made of stainless steel
  • Cabinet and switchboard solutions made of acid-proof steel
  • Modular switchboards
  • Detector systems
  • Machine and equipment switchboards


We offer a wide range of industrial, automation and electrical components.

The best component solutions, quickly

Our experienced staff will help you choose just the right product for your needs in a fast and cost-efficient way. Our wide range of products includes everything you need for automation and power distribution.

We aim to stock a wide range of products from a variety of manufacturers in order to find the best component solution for our clients as quickly as possible

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